Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

give me chance to see you GREYSON CHANCE

I beg you listen to me, to be honest me that you're the best,I have seen you as much detail as possible,I love your smile, here I understand that you smile it makes my heart I realize that you're the best for me.besides that smile that you bring your family happiness, life feels empty without a smile, no smile like a meaningless life, actually brought a smile enjoyment of life, I am really pleading with you, even though I'm a woman you do not know, who you never see, here I'm just confident, and believe that you can see me, one day, I do not appeal to you for I could so your boyfriend, but I'm pleading to you that you can see me with honesty and accept me as I am, I like honesty, I want me and you can complete all the shortcomings,give me a chance to see you and your family.'s not as easy as I know you can do, for you are a fan, but honestly I do not regard you as an idol but I assume you already  heart in me, every time I pass that has been listed in my heart me your name and I thought. I'm honest I'm not a perfect woman, but if one accepts me what is it I'm sure everything will be perfect (a little sweet,)
Warm greetings from a fan you are,, I LOVE U so much,,,grey
By.Nada Shabira @NadaShabira I'm SongWriter :)

Indonesia 